intranet and excel

  steve263000 05:10 10 May 2005

I have been experimenting with saving pages of excel as a web page in work,(in a seperate folder), and then hyperlinking them to a page. When clicked, the hyperlink works, but only opens as a text file, which is not a lot of use, as I want to open it up as the original excel file. I have obviously been saving it incorrectly, but does anybody have an idea what I have done wrong?

  steve263000 09:19 10 May 2005

I work with a large number of spreadsheets, all of which have large databases behind them. Unfortunately due to the nature of the work, they are spread around in different locations on a server. My idea was to have all the varying spreadsheets saved as web pages in one single folder, then link another page with hyperlinks that could bring any sheet up on demand.

We could of course simply save all the work in one folder, but that would bring other problems as different people need access at differing times and require the other folders that they are saved in. In any case this is very much in the nature of a personal project, and I would just like to see if it can be done. I do feel however that the size of the database will cause problems with this. Any further comments would be appreciated. Steve.

  steve263000 04:11 11 May 2005

Thanks forum member, and I did realise that this could be done. However, as I explaine this was very much in the nature of a "can it be done project". I have had several tries at it, and as you said in your first post, all you get is links that open in to text pages that cannot be edited. I will leave the post open for a few days in case anybody has idea, but it is not especially urgent. Steve.

  steve263000 05:06 12 May 2005

This is really for forum member who has taken a interest in the link. I thought this morning that maybe as the files were already on a server, that I was saving a web page as a web page,and that was spoiling it. I then linked the file directly through to the server file, and bingo! it works. Now closing the post. Steve.

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