InterVideo WinDVR picture but no sound!

  phil2816 20:50 27 Dec 2005

hey i really hope someone can help. I have a program called InterVideo WinDVR. The picture works fine but there is no sound there is just a "fuzz" sound (as if there was no picture?!). would sumone please help and maybe explain it basically because im bit slow with computers!! thanks a lot!

  Skyver 21:43 27 Dec 2005

What version of Windows do you have? How long have you had the sound problem? Have you tried updating the software, or uninstalling then re-installing it?

  phil2816 22:18 27 Dec 2005

Its windows XP (home edition). I would suspect it being the program itself. its strange because normal mp3/wave file play fine. Ill try reinstalling the u have any other possibilities?thanks

  Skyver 22:36 27 Dec 2005

DVD video uses use a different decoder for audio, it's a bit more complex than a plain audio file; click here

  phil2816 22:40 27 Dec 2005

ok..that goes over my head a little!do i have to buy some sort of lead?(if so what one)or is there settings i need to enable?(thanks for the quick response!)

  phil2816 22:46 27 Dec 2005

It seems to be the 'CD/Video in' that is causing the fuzzing noise. Does this help?Any ideas? Cheers

  Skyver 22:57 27 Dec 2005

No the decoder(s) should do everything for you, one is decoding the video, the other for audio is obviously not working. Let's just clarify something; I'm assuming you want to stick a DVD movie in your PC drive and watch it?

  phil2816 23:04 27 Dec 2005

No, im trying to watch tv on my computer. I have linked an areal from my tv to my computer tv card. I have a picture just need the sound bit

  Skyver 23:11 27 Dec 2005

Try some of these suggestions click here

  phil2816 23:17 27 Dec 2005

this seems like a good site thanks!ill have a proper look tommorow.COuld you explain this to me though 'Verify that the audio cable is connected between the Line-out connector on the green AV/Tuner Box and the line-in connector on your sound card or audio device'...sorry im not very techy with computers!!thanks!

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