interpol virus in my computer

  liloldlady 09:28 25 Jul 2014

Hi Does anyone know how to safely get rid of the interpol virus, its asking for £100 to unlock my computer, I know its a scam and there are some websites online saying how to get rid of it but for all I know these could be dangerous too. can anyone help? The laptop is running windows vista. thanks

  onthelimit1 10:22 25 Jul 2014

You should be able to shift it with Hitmanpro Kickstart (free). Doesn't work on Windows 8, though.

  liloldlady 14:59 25 Jul 2014

Hi I think I had better take it to the pros. As I dont understand any of the instructions, they are charging £35. Meanwhile have you any idea how I managed to aquire this malware I use a free program for viruses AVG. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:57 25 Jul 2014

Antivirus won't stop something if you have allowed access by click a link or if it comes packaged with a download of something else.

I got caught with a similar thing a while ago but was lucky and stopped it locking the computer by using task manager and stopping the process as soon as windows started to boot and then malwarebytes cleared the rest.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:55 26 Jul 2014

"Meanwhile have you any idea how I managed to aquire this malware"

Outdated (and therefore insecure) versions of Java, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Flash are the usual routes of infection. To help prevent this from reoccurring, the best advice is to uninstall Java as it's rarely needed nowadays, uninstall Reader and replace it with a free alternative, and update Flash to the latest version. Hopefully your professional PC support person will address those issues after he or she has removed the infection.

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