Internet(ish) question

  Tonycablejr 09:17 11 May 2005

my phone (sony ericsson k500i) can connect to the internet using a GPRS connection.

i can connect my phone to my computer by using an infrared connection.

my question is can i use the infrared connection on to use the GPRS connection to connect to the internet on my computer?

i have tried the internect connection wizard and set up an infrared dial up connection but it says a connection cannot be established??

oh and i'm not worried about the speed of connection between these to mediums either, just wanna get it working!!!

any ideas??


  Kate B 10:57 11 May 2005

It should be possible, though you might have to check with your mobile provider as what you're trying to do is a data call and you might need it activated on your account. Otherwise it should be reasonably straightforward.

  pauldonovan 11:01 11 May 2005

It is definitely possible, but once connected to your phone, your PC will need to dial a number - something like #9*# or something that is effectively your GPRS ISP.

Who is your Phone Network?

Vodafone have some software that seems to do it here:

click here

Other networks differ.

  Pooke100 11:06 11 May 2005

It will be pretty expensive to I'd imagine.

  Tonycablejr 13:46 11 May 2005

i'm on o2.

i have connected my phone to my computer using the infrared connection then connected my phone th the gprs connection (whilst still connected via infrared)

any more ideas - it would be really cool if i could get it working!!!!

  Tonycablejr 11:28 12 May 2005


thanks for the post on the vodaphone software.
it helped me to find the o2 version click here

but my phone's not supported grrrr

still looking!!!

  Tonycablejr 10:40 18 May 2005

i found this bit of software

click here

but it dials to my phone rather than using my current GPRS connection

Anymore ideas please!!!

  DieSse 13:12 18 May 2005

I've used Vodaphone to do exactly this is Spain (when I was otherwise connectionless). It works fine, at speeds around the 36-45Kbps mark.

It can be expensive however, as you are charged by how much data is transferred, rather than how long you are connected, and the rates are quite high.

You can get special "bulk" prices, for say 30Mb per month at a flat rate - this is much cheaper - but exceed the flat rate and you'll pay heavily - check out the rates in the UK.

Your 'phone supplier should have the correct software, and any Vodaphone shop "should" be able to advise you.

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