internet/intranet and their impact on marketing

  harps1h 20:58 21 Mar 2008


  harps1h 21:01 21 Mar 2008

sorry posted unfinished message!

waht i was wondering where would i get information on the effect of technology in decision making or if anyone out there with experience in marketing could share their experiences using technology to aid the decision making process

  Kemistri 23:20 21 Mar 2008

Any particular context in mind? What sort of technology?

My decisions have always been made by a combination of mind, gut and wallet -- no technology involved.

  harps1h 07:41 22 Mar 2008

really how the internet and/or an intranet affects the way a group would make decisions eg. remote meetings

  Forum Editor 10:56 23 Mar 2008

about how useful online meetings can be - I use them regularly. I'll spare you the 6000 words, but if you fancy supplying a little contextual detail I might be able to help - what size are these groups, where are they (time zones make a difference), and what sort of information does the group need to share in order to make the decisions?

Some decisions are based on pure discussion, and some need varying amounts of documentary information to be available online for the group members prior to the meetings. In the past I've been responsible for setting up and monitoring online discussion forums for senior decision makers - both within individual companies, and industry-wide. They can be a very useful tool if handled correctly.

  harps1h 12:33 23 Mar 2008

thank you for replying to my post. this is a research quest for an assignment in my part time degree course in computing and as such i have to produce an essay on the effects of the emergence of technology has had on functional departments within a company, in this case the effect the intranet/internet has had on a marketing department. whilst i am not asking anybody do my work for me, i have little practical knowledge in this field and therefore felt there those out there who have that practical knowledge of how technology has aided departments such as this in their everyday work and their decision making processes.

  harps1h 22:56 31 Mar 2008

is there truly no-one on this forum who has knowledge of this field? ant type of insight would be useful as to the machinetics of using such technology in todays business world

  Forum Editor 18:06 01 Apr 2008

who are experienced in the field, but as I've already pointed out, it isn't something that can be written about in a few lines. I work with online business solutions all the time, but it's a big subject - what you really need is a case study, and I can't provide you with a real one because of client confidentiality.

  harps1h 20:39 01 Apr 2008

is it possible to point me towards areas which i could research independantly or new technologies being implemented

  silverous 20:38 26 Oct 2008

I think you are looking for someone with quite specific experience i.e. for someone to answer it they really need experience of internet/intranet effects within a marketing department.

It also seems quite vague as FE appears to see your request as relating to online meetings yet later on you are referring specifically to the marketing department and earlier to decision making. I'm not 100% clear what you are looking for.

In any case. FE if you have a case study would changing the names or leaving them out avoid the need to affect client confidentiality?

  silverous 20:38 26 Oct 2008

Just picked up on a recent thread of interest, hadn't spotted it was six months old!

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