internet wont work when i downlload

  shaun.j 22:42 20 Jun 2005

hi my internet breaks when i download from the internet why is this happening? please help.

  Belatucadrus 22:59 20 Jun 2005

You're going to need to add a lot more info before anybody can even give an educated guess:-

What version of windows are you using

What web browser ?

What Internet provider ?

What if any security software you have ?

When does the link fail, at the start or the end of the download ?

Is this a direct download or are you using P2P, if so which one ?

  shaun.j 23:04 20 Jun 2005

windows xp
norton anitvirus 2004 professional and ad-ware se personal
the download fails in the middle half way through it
a download from the internet a game from the internet call Americas Army

  Belatucadrus 23:20 20 Jun 2005

You refer to a specific download, is this the only one giving a problem ? If so try posting the link, see if anybody is aware of any problems with it.

  shaun.j 23:22 20 Jun 2005

i have asked my mates i it doesnt break there internet heres the link anyway click here

  shaun.j 23:24 20 Jun 2005

i go on the link and it gets have way through the download then all my internet breaks msn doesn twork my internet says page cannot be displayed and my online games dont work

  Belatucadrus 23:38 20 Jun 2005

Is this the only download giving you problems ?

  shaun.j 23:41 20 Jun 2005

well i havent tryed downloading anything else but it has been happening for quiet a while everytime i download it it turns of my internet

  Belatucadrus 23:56 20 Jun 2005

Try something else and see if it downloads OK, try something from the Downloads section. This will let us know if your system has a problem or if as Woodchip sugested your security has a problem with this particular link.

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