Internet Won't Connect Until 'Repair' Pressed

  kinger 19:39 11 Aug 2007

I'm working on a friends computer whereby the Interenet is stated to be connected by the network software.

However, when using IE, Avant or Firefox, it informs me that it can't find a connection to the Internet.

Then, after clicking on 'Repair connection', all is well until the next time I log on.

Does anyone know what is breaking in order for the repair to work everytime and why should it keep not connecting. Once successfully connected, it stays connected until the next time I try using the browser again.

Any help appreciated.


  bluto1 19:45 11 Aug 2007

10 minutes ago I had the same or very similar problem.I've (Ihope) solved it by disconnecting my Speedtouch and reinstalling.

  kinger 19:56 11 Aug 2007

I am using a speedtouch interestingly enough.

Will try disconnecting and reconnecting.


  Andy1991 20:05 11 Aug 2007

might be IP renewal eror which eplains blunto's soluton.

  kinger 20:17 11 Aug 2007

No,that didn't work. The PC can connect to the Router OK but not the Internet.

  kinger 20:19 11 Aug 2007

It was OK until the last few days.

Using Vista with brand new notebook PC

Would it be anything to do with the firewall?

  Andy1991 20:41 11 Aug 2007

Could ne but it seems to be ur ADSL Router. try reconnecting al wires

  Snec 20:51 11 Aug 2007

Are you using a modem or a router?

  Snec 20:53 11 Aug 2007

Ah, sorry, you're using a router:

I suspect the user name and password have not been properly saved on the router.

  kinger 21:02 11 Aug 2007

Username and password all OK as, once it connects it stays connected.

It just has to repair the connection after you reboot or start the computer the first time each session.

  Switcher 21:19 11 Aug 2007

After using repair go to Properties on the Local area connection status dialogue box, then GENERAL, INTERNET PROTOCOL, PROPERTIES and ensure that there is a tick at obtain IP adress automatically, and Obtain DNS server address automatically

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