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  bikerbob 17:23 29 Jun 2007

I am on broadband so computer is always on, and now finding that various websites keep displaying on my computer when it`s idle. IE.,, etec.
I have downloaded various spyware progs and scanned my computer to no avail. Has anyone any suggestions how I can stop this before I do a reset to factory settings, having already done a system restore to a week previous.
Many thanks

  birdface 17:42 29 Jun 2007

Looks like you have picked up a nastie somewhere,Could be or something like that, You have not downloaded Messenger Plus lately have you,

  bikerbob 17:55 29 Jun 2007

No I don`t use Messenger. whose ?

  Legolas 17:58 29 Jun 2007

Do you have a pop up stopper installed? If not try the one with the google toolbar I find it very good and very seldom get pop ups.

  birdface 17:59 29 Jun 2007

Try running your spyware and Anti-Virus in safe mode,[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts]Up-date them first ,If anything found delete and when finished running all your programs Run C Cleaner,Now you might be better turning off your System Restore before before you start,it will mean that you lose your restore points,If you would like to wait till someone else can give you anymore information,As I have to go out,The pub calls. best of luck.

  birdface 18:03 29 Jun 2007

Sorry puts different programs on your computer and tries to Hi-jack the home page, It used to add a lot of programs to your favorites and you could not get rid of them,If not that ,i would still run your Spyware + Anti-Virus programs in safe mode.

  bikerbob 18:32 29 Jun 2007

Thanks for advice will have another go tomorrow when I have more time. I have run Ccleaner. spyware terminator, zerospyware, superantispyware. and several registry cleaners.

  p;3 19:21 29 Jun 2007

just because you are on broadband the comp does NOT have to be 'always on' does it?

I am on BB and mine is disconnected when NOT in active use
sounds a bit like a comp I met that needed a thorough overhaul from a very bad infection
you may well wish to try

click here on a full deep scan but I think you would be advised to register with

click here

get a log from

click here

and post it as a new thread

click here

and take note of

click here


  bikerbob 13:04 30 Jun 2007

P3 I realise that my computer is not always on and obviously if I don`t put it on standby or hibernate then the computer will do. It`s when I am doing something else on the computer like reading emails or something and then a webpage pops up. I have been through the System Processes and deleted quite a lot of the exe files in there so hopefully that will solve the problem. I have also found a good website to find out all the process files and what they do etc at click here. So thanks for the links and the advice.

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