Internet washer pro - uninstall

  captain birdseye 11:10 01 Sep 2003

one of thr ladies in the office has an anoying popup window which obscures the botton right of the screen. This popup always remains at the front and other windows cannot be brought in front of it. It has an option to "continue what I was doing" but this shrinks it for just a few seconds. I have identified it as being Internet Washer Pro but cannot delete it because the file is in use and there is not enough time between shrinking the popup and it reappearing to delete the file. Anybody got any bright ideas please?

  pcwhizz 11:23 01 Sep 2003

Try MSCONFIG in the RUN box.
Go to startup and see if INTERNET WASHER PRO IS THERE.

  captain birdseye 11:33 01 Sep 2003

If I only could....... typing msconfig in the run box results in the following error...."Cannot find the file 'msconfig' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available"

I have just tried it on another machine withe the same result.

Its Win 2k by the way.


  captain birdseye 12:19 01 Sep 2003

Decided to grab the bull by the horns....just edited the registry and deleted all references to Internet Washer Pro. This seems to have worked. Still interested to know why I Can't run msconfig though.



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