`Internet Washer Pro`.

  The Brown Rock 22:55 08 Jun 2003

When on the Internet I get `flagged` from time to time to download `Internet Washer Pro` free of charge. I am given a list of details of what is at risk with regard to personal files and folders contained in my computer and would therefore be advised to download the above named in my best interests. I have a fully updated antivirus programme installed and feel safe enough, but I do wonder if my friends in the forum can inform me what this `washer`is all about and if perhaps I should not be so concerned about a guardian angel in the form of s free download.
Thanking you in anticipation of a reply,
The Brown Rock.

  smegs 23:15 08 Jun 2003

Brown Rock. I've got Windows Washer, it cleans all the Internet Tracks & Rubbish off Ur Pc. It's ok, I've had it on my Pc for about 4months & its got rid of 3Gb that the internet leaves on Ur hard drive. the one that keeps popping up will most likely be a 30day job. It's up to U.

  -pops- 06:40 09 Jun 2003

The objectionable thing about these type of ads is that they prey on any vestige of paranoia you may have about your surfing habits and what is in your computer with tales of all sorts of dire consequences occurring if you don't use their software.

They may do as they claim. They may do as they claim too well and remove things in your computer that they shouldn't, resulting in a non-operating machine.

You can safely remove rubbish from your computer by using the facilities provided by Windows itself: Disk Cleanup for example.

If the ad is telling you that all sorts of people can see the contents of your machine and that reports are being sent to the FBI and similar well, even if they can (unlikely) does it bother you? Why amongst billions of internet users would the FBI be interested in you?

As you may realise, I am not impressed. Our computers have to be loaded with enough "non-useful" software already (A/V, firewalls, spyware protectors, adware protectors this, that and the others) to add something else on top to combat a non-existent threat seems like overkill.

One thing you might consider installing is a pop-up stopper to stop these things appearing.


  Chris the Ancient 08:48 09 Jun 2003

I have to agree with smegs.

I have WindowsWasher from webroot.com as well.

It clears out tons of old, unnecessary files and keeps a lot of things tidy. By keeping my histories and temp dirs clean and tidy, I can surf quicker (it feels).

One very important thing it helps with is making defragging quicker because there's not all the rubbish to tidy up - it's been thrown out.

It's rather like picking up the larger bits or rubbish and putting them in the bin before you vacuum clean the floor (whatever vacuuming is).

As to my surfing habits. I couldn't care who knows what!

For ease of mind and keeping my disks tidy, give me WindowsWasher any day.


  Lú-tzé 09:23 09 Jun 2003

Have a look at EmptyTempFolders - free and does much the same; click here

For the most part, there is no great value in any of them other than being an automatic way of doing what can be done manually with a little time.

  dogtrack 10:35 09 Jun 2003

has got to be my "cant live without" piece of software. Have been using for about 5 years now, since V 3. A well worth paying for utility.

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