Internet vulnerability test results anomalae

  frank27 20:54 02 May 2010

I run Vista on a Dell Inspiron PC which has McAfee security suite installed.
For internet access I can use either a '3' mobile USB dongle OR a wireless router which communicates via the PC's WLAN card.
When testing my system internet vulnerability using 'Shields Up' facility (GRC online), the result is 'Fully Secure' when using the '3' mobile USB dongle, but the result is Failed when accessing internet via the wireless router (Details: on 'checking ports', report ="Ping Reply: RECEIVED (FAILED) — Your system REPLIED to our Ping (ICMP Echo) requests, making it visible on the Internet ") .
I have checked the firewall to be set properly OK and McAfee have checked & confirmed the problem is not within their security suite software. So I have been limited for several months to only accessing internet via the USB dongle, as access via the router does not appear to be secure.
My query is "assuming the 'Shields Up' report to be correct, why does my Firewall allow response to the the ping probe when connected via wireless router, but ignore the ping probe (thus keeping my system invisible) when connected via the USB dongle."
Any advice on this would be most appreciated.

  mark2 07:54 03 May 2010

Its not the firewall on your pc that is responding to the ping request but rather the firewall on the router that is responding. You can change this by logging into your router's configuration page and changing settings there.
It's your router that is visible rather than your pc.

  frank27 19:56 17 May 2010

Hi Mark2,
Thanks for this helpful reply,since which I have spent lots of (unsuccessful) effort trying to change my routers config settings. The router is a D-Link DIR-615 supplied by my ISP (Virgin) who amazingly don't support their router as part of their tech support!!
If I cannot change my router settings to avoid its 'ping' repsonse, will continued used of this router render my system vulnerable to hacking etc, or will my PC's firewall adequately protect my PC?

  mark2 21:20 17 May 2010

with the ping responding, it does indicate that there is a computer of some description there to the outside world, however your router also has a hardware firewall preventing incoming mischief, the best use of your software firewall is in allowing only the apps you allow to contact the outside world. Yes you will be safe,unless your pc has a similar ip address to that of the us navy, mi5 etc lol

I've found a manual for your router at htxxtp:// if you remove the xx it will take you to a direct download of the manual, page 34 gives instructions to disable the ping response

  frank27 21:52 31 Aug 2010

At last I have got round to addressing this issue and your solution worked easily and perfectly. Many thanks, its amazing that no-one at Virgin Media or their home support organisation could identify this simple fix even though its their equipment that they provided!
Thanks again

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