internet very slow

  [DELETED] 09:58 05 Jan 2006

I have NTL Broadband on my home computer and all of a sudden over the last couple of days when i connect to the net it is very slow at loading pages, i contacted ntl did a speed test and that was fine it read 987mbps so they said its not a problem at there end.
i run 98me 766 celeron processor 256mb ram i keep my system well up to date on virus data mcafee , zonealarm ,spydoctor, have run every possible scan there is and still the same very very slow when connected to the net , computer is about 8 years old could that be the problem.

  [DELETED] 11:56 05 Jan 2006

Is it faster if Zonealarm is disabled?

  [DELETED] 12:05 05 Jan 2006

I think many of us have spells like this

On occasion I have difficulty in connecting via adsl broadband. At those times some of my favourites take ages to load while others run as fast as ever

An hour later it's all back to normal

Enquiries prompt the response "it's ok at our end" with advice to reinstall the modem or whatever

I'm convinced it is either at the bt exchange or the isp but have no way of proving that

However, I would suggest you resist the urge to start to fiddle at your end, for a couple of days at least. Give things a chance to either sort themselves or for whatever is causing the problem, perhaps at the other end, to become a problem that is sorted elsewhere

  [DELETED] 13:54 05 Jan 2006

have tried shuting down programs but still the same , even with loading up the goggle page.
Would more ram help.

  [DELETED] 11:08 18 Jan 2006

This is realy bugging me.
I have up the ram to 512mb and when i connect to the internet it is still very slow , i have a second computer which my son uses so i connected that up to the broad band and it is super fast and that is 766mhz 256mb ram about 3 to 4 years old ,, so is my other computer knackered or what .
please help.

  beynac 11:30 18 Jan 2006

There is problem with McAfee seriously slowing down computers using Windows 98. Is your computer always slow or is it just on the internet?

This problem made my old computer completely unusable unless I ditched McAfee. I used it as an excuse to buy a new one! However, I would never use McAfee again.

  [DELETED] 12:48 18 Jan 2006

So what are you saying get rid of mcafees or get rid of windows 98me. i have always used mcafees and find it good , my other pc is running 98me and mcafees there is no problem


  beynac 12:58 18 Jan 2006

No, I'm just saying that there is a known, serious problem with running McAfee on some W98 computers. I asked the question about if your computer is always slow or only on the internet. If you are having general problems with speed then it is likely to be caused by McAfee. I'm not saying get rid of anything. I'm just pointing out what happened to me. The problem with McAfee is a fact. There are numerous threads about it on the McAfee forums. McAfee are doing nothing about this and are just suggesting re-installing or reducing the functionality of VirusScan (eg only scan program files) - totally unacceptable in my view. They don't seem interested in helping W98 users with this problem.

I bought the new computer because I felt it was time to upgrade anyway. If I had wanted to keep it I would have ditched McAfee and gone for something like AVG.

  [DELETED] 13:07 18 Jan 2006

its the internet thats slow very slow its like been back on dial up ,did the speed test and recorded 987mbps out of 1G

  beynac 13:08 18 Jan 2006

Just a couple of examples of threads from the McAfee forums - if you do a search you'll find plenty more.
click here
click here=

  [DELETED] 15:54 18 Jan 2006

"windows 98me" ?
"987mbps out of 1G" ?


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