internet using mobile phone?

  Vitruvian Man 13:50 24 Apr 2005

hi, i have a couple of questions regarding accessing the internet using my 6230 mobile phone as a modem.
I would like to know if this is possible in the uk, how it works, and is there a specific network that I need. Does it cost a lot and what type of speeds to expect.
thanks in advance.

Also what other hardware would i need. let's say i already had a laptop with wireless card.

  Pooke100 13:53 24 Apr 2005

Contact your service provider, I'm sure there's cheaper methods.

  John-259217 15:11 24 Apr 2005

The first requirement is a connection to the laptop. For the 6230 this can be IR, Bluetooth or USB cable, you will need to install the appropriate drivers for the phone.

All the UK networks support data and you have more than one option in this respect.

You could use a dialup ISP in the same way that you would with an ordinary modem, however speeds are very poor normally only 9600bps or possibly upto 28800bps if you are with Orange and use their high speed data.

The next option is GPRS. This provides data over the network at about 28800bps and is provided by your mobile phone operator, they effectively become your ISP.

It works well but will be slower than your used to and expensive.

Data bundles are available but once you use your inclusive amount rates run at around a £1 per Mb, you need to look at the options provided by the network you have the phone with.

  John-259217 15:17 24 Apr 2005

I should have added that dial-up access will be charged at you phone providers standard rates for the number called.

For example I used to be able to access AOL on a freephone number from an Orange mobile at 28800 bps for hours at no cost then Orange changed their service terms and started charging for "certain" freephone numbers, no surprise their other than how long it took them to catch on!

  Vitruvian Man 16:32 24 Apr 2005

hello. my mobile is on the fresh network, the one that is run by carphone warehouse. Anyone know why I can connect to t-zones? I connected, but I don't know if they'll charge me for it. :-S

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