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  dawnadrian 16:38 19 Feb 2010

I downloaded Tautology Bandwidth meter v1.7 as i had previously gone over my 10gb a month limit on broadband. I started using it on 18-2-10 but on 19-2-10 it said I had used 8gb just on that day alone but I know I haven't used that much.
I surf the net, go on facebook but haven't downloaded/uploaded anything in those 24 hrs,I'm now worried I am going to get charged again by BT

  johndrew 16:47 19 Feb 2010

I`m not sure how you could use 8GB in one day unless you are downloading a lot of stuff or your PC has been taken over and turned into a zombie.

I use NetMeter click here (freeware) which needs little setting up and is quite accurate.

  onthelimit 16:48 19 Feb 2010

If you're connected wirelessly, have you got security? just wondering if someone is using your signal.

  dawnadrian 16:55 19 Feb 2010

i have wireless but there is a code number on the bottom of the router that people have to key in to use it, is there a way people can by-pass this then?

  wiz-king 16:58 19 Feb 2010

Are you reading the correct figure from Tautology?
The daily figure is in MB not GB and 'surfing the net, go on facebook' all involve downloading, but 8GB in one day is a lot, I have been on for several hours today and have used 94MB.

  john bunyan 17:04 19 Feb 2010

I found that meter worked on XP SP3 32 bit, but when I switched to W7 64 bit I had the problem you have. Not sure what meter (free) is best for W7 64bit.

  dawnadrian 17:17 19 Feb 2010

the amount does say gb!
I have vista...
phoning bt to check what my usage is, as we speak...

  dawnadrian 10:56 20 Feb 2010

bt are advising me to download the td meter from so I'll give that a try as bt said I have only used 2.86gb since beg feb so b/width mon. must be wrong...

  john bunyan 13:13 20 Feb 2010

I have W7 64 bit and note that is not listed on Their forum worth a read as it mentions your problem of the programme thinkin you hav more connections than you really have. This probably explains why other meters show more than the real use, but I am still not sure how to fix it. Interested in you final views.

  dawnadrian 18:24 22 Feb 2010

the tbb meter seems to be working fine and after 2 days says i've used about 95 mb so i'll carry on with it. a woman at bt also gave me an email address where i can ask what my usage is at any time and they will email it back. i will continue to monitor...

  dawnadrian 18:32 22 Feb 2010

above should have read 95 mb uploaded AND 254 mb downloaded!!!

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