Internet usage meter showing surprising amount!

  kpmatthews 19:20 22 Feb 2010

hi, my internet usage meter is showing i have used between 1.5gb and 1.8gb each day for the last few days, despite doing nothing more than browsing the internet. this is directly on my pc so should exclude anyone who may be piggybacking my wireless. i'm pretty sure i have no programs open as i'm staring at my usage meter and nothing happens unless i start surfing the net. can anyone recommend anything i should be checking? i think today the internet has been used for 2-3 hours, mostly facebook, but is showing 1.8gb of download usage!

  john bunyan 19:23 22 Feb 2010

Worth a read:
click here

  MAJ 19:32 22 Feb 2010

Try tbbMeter from Thinkbroadband, it seems to be fairly accurate. click here

  john bunyan 19:51 22 Feb 2010

The site mentions XP and vista - does it work in W7, do you know?

  kpmatthews 19:55 22 Feb 2010

thanks both, johns linked thread points to tbb as well. i have it running now, will see how it goes. i've had a look at skys usage tool for my account and its showing 2gb for the last week, which is still fairly high for general internet browsing, but more realistic. the problem is, it was skys email saying i had gone over my 10gb allowance which caused all this extra concern hence my original distrust of their figures.

tbb is showing 6 connections:
turedo tunneling pseudo interface
usb wireless lan card (my wifi dongle)
broadcom integrated controller
microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter.

is this lot normal, i think broadcom may be my bluetooth

thanks, kris

  kpmatthews 19:56 22 Feb 2010

i'll let you know if it works in W7 :)

  MAJ 19:59 22 Feb 2010

From the Thinkbroadband site:


tbbMeter is currently only available for Windows XP and Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit versions)."

I don't have Win 7 to test it, I'm afraid.

  kpmatthews 22:33 22 Feb 2010

well, i'm not sure it works in windows 7. it's showing 26mb download which is probably right, but 59mb upload and i dont know where that came from.

  Taff™ 08:02 23 Feb 2010

The last time I got this warning from my ISP they were able to tell me the breakdown of usage. In my case 80% of my 10 GB monthly limit was streaming. Actually listening to Radio 5 Live whilst working all day! Similarly having switched that off the figures didn`t drop as much as I expected so I then narrowed it down again to another home page - Telegraph Sport, which streams adverts and clips of both football and rugby matches embedded within their pages. Then I looked at all my other 5 home pages and found similar. Worth a thought.

  john bunyan 09:32 23 Feb 2010

Thanks - I have 64bit W7 so will wait and watch others experience. Sorry to intrude on kpmatthews thread!

  kpmatthews 22:12 26 Feb 2010

hi, tbb has recorded 758mb in the last five days which i hope is fairly accurate. the only major usage in that period is about 5mins on youtube. apart from that its just surfing. i have bandwidth meter pro running alongside tbb and its been fairly on par with the readings, except for today where it has recorded a download of 1.19gb, compared with tbb which has recorded 243mb.

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