internet usage - limited.

  Rick Naylor 11:31 11 Nov 2004

I bought a Sony Laptop (Windows XP home ed., AOL 9.0) in July to get on the WEB.
I have experienced many problems and wonder if the symptoms suggest a common cause.
Briefly -
I cannot access Oxford Reference Library ('your session has expired' comes up when I try to search for a word.) Many calls to AOL have failed to resolve this (disabling firewall, etc.)
When I tried to change to another ISP (Firenet)the registration process went fine till the last hurdle when, instead of a welcome page I got a load of Norton virus alerts. I ended up paying 3 month's subs for 3 minutes worth of virus warnings.
I cannot do internet banking (various banks) despite downloading their fixes. My cards were all rejected.
Before my free NAV ran out I tried to pay my subs. After several tries one card seemed to be accepted ('you are done'). However I didn't get a confirming email and sure enough my NAV expired. (No reply yet to my email to Norton.)
I tried to order my first book last week (Oberon books). Again, this appeared to work but no confirmation came and when I phoned I was told they didn't have my order.
All I can do is browse and print the odd item.
If anyone has a clue, I'd appreciate advice.

  Jackcoms 13:31 11 Nov 2004

What exactly is your problem?

You've mentioned "many problems", Oxford Reference Library, NAV, internet banking, rejected cards, Oberon Books and two different ISPs.

Yet, I for one am not sure what you're asking of us.

  Rick Naylor 19:14 12 Nov 2004

Thanks for reply.
I realise there are various problems but I just hoped that the specific symptoms listed might ring a bell with someone.
They are mundane irritations, individually, but as a whole they have been quite limiting.
I feel sure I am not the only one who experiences these same problems and I suspect there might be a simple solution out there.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:18 12 Nov 2004

Dump Norton and get AVG free click here I have had to sort out 2 computers this week that had Norton on and were having hissy fits. Norton is woeful.


  Noelg23 19:21 12 Nov 2004

Norton....tut tut...very bad...

  Molded 20:32 12 Nov 2004

Can only agree with previous posts re Norton.

It was pre-installed on the Compaq laptop I shelled out a grand for recently.

It is appalling!

Took me two hours of playing with settings etc. to try and get some of my software to FAIL to install.

Dump it and use something simple and effective as someone suggested - AVG.

  Rick Naylor 15:29 21 Nov 2004

Thanks for the advice. I dumped Norton AV, installed AVG + Kerio firewall.
I have to disable the latter to sign on to AOL but I can now access Oxford ref library. I have yet to test out other problems but this is a good start. Once again, thanks a lot!!!

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