23790954 19:26 21 Aug 2007

As a silver surfer, I have just changed my internet service provider from Tiscali to B.T., and I now know I should have done this a long time ago. Now that I am with B.T., my router has a telephone connection, which adds another telephone to my home. My question is:- Is this telephone connection compatible with many types of internet phone, or just B.T.'s phones. I 'e' mailed a few people selling internet phones on 'e' bay and asked them, but got NO replies from any of them. Would some kind person who knows about these B.T. routers be good enugh to advice me on what type of phone/connection to look for.
Many thanks.

  Lithium 20:33 21 Aug 2007

Show me a picture of what this sicket looks like and i will be glad to help!

  umbongo(uk) 20:48 21 Aug 2007

not knowing what router you have
(tell us make n model well research it for ya)
try your normal telephone first for a trial and error run,see if it works
if it does u answered your own question
plus it depends on what rj connector is used to plug into the router most of the time other phone sellers will sell the same model as bt ,i cant see them making a specific product for what your wanting as this would break alot of the fair market trading standards
other companys will offer a similar product as all phones work on the bt network no matter who makes them as long as they are uk standard

  DieSse 21:38 21 Aug 2007

A per above what model router is it?

Some routers have a telephone connection for a regular type telephone - for use with a hardware VoIP setup. This won't be activated as a standard facility.

  Technotiger 21:45 21 Aug 2007

That telephone connection is for making cheap calls via the internet. You can get a special BT phone which goes with your BT Home Hub, which is what I assume you have now. You can also connect an ordinary (Tone type) phone to that connection and use it for the cheaper calls - to connect an ordinary phone you will need to use the connection adapter provided with the BT Home Hub.

  Technotiger 22:10 21 Aug 2007

PS - if you use an ordinary phone via the provided adapter, pressing F5 (or possibly 5 on the number pad - can't remember which) toggles between making calls via Internet or normal calls via phone line.

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