Internet speeds on new home ISP

  Chamos73 10:26 03 May 2017

I'm sorry as I'm certain this is one of the most boring and constant questions that gets posted,but I have 72Mbps download speed and 7.9mbps upload speed. Are these good,average, or terrible speeds? Thanks again guys I do appreciate it.

  wee eddie 10:59 03 May 2017

Excellent by my standards, but it must depend on what you are contracted for

  Chamos73 11:06 03 May 2017

We've had centurylink for our ISP for years because we had DirectTV for the last 24 years.Finally after all of those years our neighbors tree has bloomed and completely blocked out our satellite signal, so we had to go with Comcast cable and because they offer a bundle TV+Internet we signed up but this is the first time I've actually done a speed test on it. One last question, I promise. My son's play Overwatch on their gaming laptops, will these speeds help their games from lagging?

  difarn 12:46 03 May 2017

We considered ourselves very lucky here when in 2015 superfast fibre arrived in our village and our 2Mbps download and .86Mbps upload changed to 18 and 1.2 respectively. Your speeds are only a dream to us. We can do most things that we want but we don't participate in gaming.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:57 03 May 2017

Are these good,average, or terrible speeds?

If you're on the "up to 75Mbps" package then your speeds are excellent. If on the other hand you're paying for the 100Mbps service then they're disappointing.

......will these speeds help their games from lagging?

Your Internet connection's "ping" (AKA "latency") will be important in online gaming so what's yours? The speedtest you used should show that info too.

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