internet speeds

  jonostar 13:35 11 Apr 2005

i use bt broadband and am paying for 2 mbs i have just tested speed with a test that was posted on a thread and its only 1.1 // anyway of resolving this..

  SANTOS7 13:39 11 Apr 2005

Telephone or email your ISP and tell them.

  Pegasus. 13:42 11 Apr 2005


I am no expert in these matters but I have heard of people with similar probs!

They where told to Un-Plug there Modem, then re-connect it!

If this does'nt work then I suggest You contact BT! (They may have a fault on their Servers)

  xania 13:44 11 Apr 2005

My understanding of all this is that the speed you pay for is the maximum achievable, and actual readings will still depend upon contentions with other local users and the distance you are from the local hub. The fact that you have already exceeded 1.0Mbs indicates, therefore, that you are on the higher level - what you really need was to see what you acheived with a 1Mb connection.

  Indigo 1 13:46 11 Apr 2005

This appears to be a very good speed to me.

Just because your connection speed is up to 2Mb, it doesn't that you will be able to reach that speed all the time. As more and more people in your area log on and use their internet connection you will find that speeds will be reduced. Try another speed test in the early hours of the morning (between 1 am and 8 am) and you will normally get full speed and sometimes more, but during peak hours you have to expect a little less.

If you want to try to 'tune it up yourself' click here

  Starfox 13:53 11 Apr 2005

Spot on.The speed will vary tremendously at different times of the day,I am on 2mg connection and the speed has been as high as 2272kbps during the early hour and as low as 825kbps at peak times.

  jonostar 14:35 11 Apr 2005

thanks people.... cheers

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