internet speed test showing heavily reduced speed on laptop vs smartphones

  ReeceHarsley 20:40 29 Sep 2014

Hi all,

I'm stumped, laptop getting speeds of 1mbps on speed tests on, on the smartphones i was getting my regular 35Mbps, I formatted the laptop (Toshiba Satallite s50d-a-10g)using windows 8.1's recovery, speed was testing at 35Mbps, then the speed went back to 1Mbps a few hours/day later, so i formatted again thinking it was a video driver or windows update, and alas again after sometime and without me updating drivers, the speed has dropped again to 1Mbps after an inital 35Mbps result

im unsure where to go with this or what it could be

any help would be great

Thank you


  Techpumpkin_WD 15:42 01 Oct 2014

Hello there,

There could be some process eating up your bandwidth. You could have a look in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Resource Monitor about the processes network usage. Have you tried downloading a large file to check the speed you'll be getting. Sometimes isn't a 100% accurate. I've seen it show speeds of 80Mbps for people actually getting about 24Mbps or showing way less than the actual speed because of some weird Flash Player/Browser misbehaviour. Do you have the same problem when using ethernet connection/wireless? Have noticed if the speed is slow since you boot the machine or if it's slowing down gradually?

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