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Internet speed running at 200KB's, please help!

  Daveylc90 16:54 02 Jun 2017

Ive been putting up with slow internet for a while now with talktalk, just not had the time to sort it out properly but now I do. I have tried everything possible to my knowledge to increase the speed to no pro vale, its driving me mad we can only do one thing at a time online! Im currently using chrome. So a few things I have done so far.. I have replaced the router and microfilters twice and replaced the Ethernet cables linked to my pc and xbox, before conducting a speed test I have turned off everything in the house that would interrupt the speed also. Used spybot and malwarebytes on PC to clean it up. I made sure there is no physical interference to the router. My post code is tq13 9gy if that is any help, sorry if this is a bit vague, if u need any extra information please feel free to ask me. I have had this problem for about 5 years now in two separate addresses so I'm starting to think is it something I have done wrong lol, but more than likely its from living in the sticks, also Im trying to find out what the minimum speed for my contact is so I would have the right to cancel if it is below, Its the standard package if anyone was wandering and could let me know what it is? thanks people!!

  caccy 18:06 02 Jun 2017

Average broadband speed for your street is about 12Mbps. Have a look at this site. 25% of broadband users in your street apparently use Talk Talk. Have a chat with one of them.Copy and paste the link below into your browser for all the information. click here

  Daveylc90 18:11 02 Jun 2017

Ah thanks for that mate much appreciated! So what would 200KBs be in Mbps? Noob question I know lol

  Secret-Squirrel 18:18 02 Jun 2017

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine whether you have a problem inside your property or a problem with the broadband signal that enters your property. This is done by temporarily connecting your router to the hidden test socket and trying another speedtest. I appreciate that it may be a lot of faff but it needs to be done. Have a look at the instructions here. If you get significantly higher speeds then there's a problem with your internal wiring.

My post code is tq13 9gy..............but more than likely its from living in the sticks......

According to the checker I used, it said: "Your location should be able to receive service of up to 2Mbps". That result isn't accurate without a phone number as well (but you shouldn't post yours here). It does seem that perhaps you may never be able to get a decent broadband speed in your location.

Another thing you can do is to ask your immediate neighbours (if you have any) and ask them what speeds they get. If you think yours should be faster then get in touch with TalkTalk and they may decide to send a BT engineer. You should only do this if the speeds are still low when you tried from the hidden test socket. If the BT engineer finds there's a problem within your premises then there'll be a heft bill to pay.

  Daveylc90 18:30 02 Jun 2017

I could not find any internet information in that link you sent me, also when I check other sights for the same information I can't find anything, maybe because my house is a new build but I'm probs doing something wrong if you could find it �/p>

  Daveylc90 18:37 02 Jun 2017

Thanks a lot squirrel that's given me a much better idea of what I need to do mate, ile get on testing it now and see what happens, uve helped a lot man cheers!

  bumpkin 19:09 02 Jun 2017

You should only do this if the speeds are still low when you tried from the hidden test socket. If the BT engineer finds there's a problem within your premises then there'll be a heft bill to pay.

That is what I did, BT enginneer fixed it same day. New Master socked and sorted other probs with the wiring. I t cost £60 but well worth it, I now get the 30 Mbps that I pay for and which was quoted as my maximum. I have 37 today and it has been up to 45 in the past.

  q33ny 20:11 03 Jun 2017

You said "replaced the router and microfilters twice". Who provided the replacements? You should contact your internet provider. They can do test on your router if provided by them and they can tell you if the problem if on your line or on your computer.

  caccy 20:57 04 Jun 2017

Apologies looked up wrong post code.

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