Internet speed problems

  DenizHeleteli 12:39 24 Nov 2008

Well basically my internet speed is supposed to be 8MB however it really isn't that fast at all.
I am on a laptop, however when i go on my pc, the internet speeds are just fine.

My friend reccomended a reformat, im not too sure how to do it, could anyone offer me any assistance?

Thank you

  brundle 13:03 24 Nov 2008

Reformat your machine to solve a slow internet problem? Not exactly scientific...
Change wireless router channel (1,6 or 11). Move the router as high as possible, away from metal surfaces, interference from cordless phones etc. Check for updated drivers for your wireless hardware in the laptop. Try the laptop on other people's wireless networks - is it still slow? Try connecting with a cable and see if the speed improves. Some wireless chipsets just don't perform very well.

  DippyGirl 13:06 24 Nov 2008

Given the other thread you have started "100% CPU usage" do you not think the two are connected?

Might be worth asking the FE to consolidate the two

As you say 'when i go on my pc, the internet speeds are just fine'

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