Internet Speed Problem Help Needed Please.

  Big L 266 18:30 20 Jun 2010


My OS in Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. My ISP is TalkTalk and my package is TalkTalk Pro.My router is a D-Link DSL2740R. I live 400 yards from the BT Exchange.

Between the 10th/11th June, my internet speed went from 15100kbps/19000kbps down to 5000kbps/6000kbps. TalkTalk 1st & 2nd line technical support tell me there is nothing wrong with the telephone line into the exchange or my home, nor any problems with my router or my computer settings. The router is connected by a Cat6 patch cable of 10 meters.

I have accessed the D-Link router information on my computer. The upload speed is showing 1020kbps and the download speed is showing 21849kbps. I think there may well be something wrong because if I do TalkTalks broadband speed test,it only comes out around 8000kbps at the most.

If the D-Link connection shows an upload speed of 1020kbps and a download speed of 21849kbps, then why is it I can only get an upload speed of 820kbps and a download speed of 8000kbps when I'm online.

It it likely there may well be something wrong within the computer itself causing this if all other things are correct?

Your invaluable help and assistance would be gratefully received as I wish to cure the problem ahead of TalkTalks 'Internet Stabiliser' package arriving this coming week.

Thank you very much for your help.

Big L 266

  rdave13 18:36 20 Jun 2010

First thing I'd check are your filters. It may be that the one on the PC line is breaking down. Use a new one to eliminate that a filter is starting to fail.

  Big L 266 18:39 20 Jun 2010


rdave13....Will do this right now.

Big L 266

  woodchip 18:41 20 Jun 2010

Turn your router off for two minutes then turn it back on. after it connects try your speed click here

  Big L 266 18:44 20 Jun 2010


rdave13....Have swapped them over to a new filter but sadly no change in speed.

Thank you.

Big L 266

  rdave13 18:46 20 Jun 2010

As woodchip says you now need to reboot the router. Log on to the D-Link and select reboot.

  rdave13 18:47 20 Jun 2010

I prefer Speedtest click here

  Big L 266 18:53 20 Jun 2010


woodchip....I turned the router off for two minutes, unplugged and reonnected the microfilter before turning it back on.I ran the test from your link and it was 1500kbps worse. I did run the TalkTalk speed test again which also showed no improvement.

Thank you though.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 18:55 20 Jun 2010


rdave....Tried your Speedtest link whose results were similar to woodchips link.

Thank you.

  rdave13 19:02 20 Jun 2010

Have you checked any other filters especially if you have a Sky connection? Otherwise I'm a bit stumped.

  Big L 266 19:08 20 Jun 2010


rdave13....This is the only filter I have.I don't have any satellite service only a phone and broadband. I have to say I too am stumped!

Big L 266

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