Internet speed on my PC has drastically decreased!

  Gamesi 19:37 10 Dec 2015

In summary, for the last two weeks my internet speed on my personal computer has been much slower than usual. At the time I put it down to bad weather but it still persists to this day. When I normally download it downloads at about 8 or 9mb/s consistently until one day it suddenly dropped to about 3Mb/s. I have no idea what would cause such a decrease, but it is pretty much 66%. In case you want to know, my computer is wireless but has run fine in terms of internet performance since I have had it. I have tried a few things which could help focus what the problem is.

1) The internet on my tablet is fine, it runs normally. The decrease only occurs on my PC. This leads me to believe it is not a router / ISP issue.

2) I have tried scanning with Avast and it comes up clean, except a few "performance issues" but you have to pay to clean it, besides I don't see how it could cause such a large decrease.

3) I did check Network card drivers but they were apparently up to date.

Overall I physically do not know what's wrong but when I download now it's always at a number really close to 3mb/s and it came out of the blue. On the 26th I installed a game "Life is strange" which from what I remember was at normal speed, then next time I downloaded something it was another game on the 28th "Divinity Original sin: Enhanced edition" which downloaded at the new slower speed and everything has since then.

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