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  1x11456 16:41 18 Apr 2005

iam with aol and iam paying for a 2MB plan i have done several speed checks and have not got over the 1mb mark so i went to aol help who asked alsorts and what speed iwas getting the speed i was getting is 768218 bps they came back with "you should get 1024kbps that is 1mb" also my modem says tx288 kbps tx 1152 what is the real speed of my internet iam sure its is knowhere near 2MB can someone translate the numbers for me..thanks

  DieSse 16:48 18 Apr 2005

From the measurement, and what you were told, and what your modem is showing, It looks like you have a 1Mbps link. So if what you should have is a 2Mbps link, then you should complain again to AOL and ask them what gives.

Your measured speed will never be as high as the theoretical maximum of the link - but your modem should show more or less the correct value.

  1x11456 16:54 18 Apr 2005

thank you for you quick reply getting onto them as i type thank you

  Chris,M 18:51 18 Apr 2005

Do what I did and write a strong complaint email to their Director Of Customer Services (via their site). You will soon get a technician phone you to resolve this matter. Do not take any notice of the upstream/downstream figures shown by hovering your Mouse over the two green arrows on your task bar, as AOL themselves tell me that they can put any figure there that they like there.
I waited over 3 months to get AOL Broadband Platinum upgrade from Gold and this annoyed me as, if I was a new customer/subscriber, I would have got 2MB facilities straight away. Yet another example of AOL NOT taking care of their existing customers, but instead trying to entice new ones!

  Jackcoms 19:39 18 Apr 2005

It might be worth your while using this website to check that your exchange is actually 2mb enabled click here

If it isn't, you'll never get 2mb speeds and, therefore, AOL shouldn't have sold you a 2mb product.

  Jackcoms 19:41 18 Apr 2005

Sorry wrong link!

Try click here

  1x11456 19:55 18 Apr 2005

thank you to all..jackcoms that link proved very handy as it says it all..chris m iam on platinum and your right aol is c*ap now there live help is from india and most of them cant type english ?? anyway thanks to all for the help and this space :-)

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