internet speed

  Hughbeaver 21:18 28 Sep 2003

I have recently got ntl broadband and have since aquired a problem with speed. I can usually access a page quickly but when I try to scroll down a page the page staggers down very slowly and continues to stagger after I have released the mouse, I have spent many hours on the phone to ntl, I have uninstalled my internet explorer 6 exchanging for 5.5. I have run spybot and free surfer and I have looked for solutions on Microsoft with no success. I am getting very frustrated and would appreciate any help.


  DieSse 21:28 28 Sep 2003

It's a graphics driver or general computer speed problem - not the internet. The page is already in your system when you are scrolling.

What processor/RAM/motherboard do you have.

  Hughbeaver 21:34 28 Sep 2003

Thanks for response.
I have a Pentium 2, 128MB ram Intel MMX[TM]

  woodchip 21:54 28 Sep 2003

That's the problem, low Mz CPU, slow graphics.

  powerless 22:11 28 Sep 2003

Depends on the speed of that PII. What is the speed of it?

  Hughbeaver 22:19 28 Sep 2003

How do I find out the speed of the processer


  VoG II 22:22 28 Sep 2003

Belarc will tell you click here

  abc77 22:29 28 Sep 2003

I had a similar problem before, especially when I tried to view the skysport site. I did not have the firewall at the time, I believed that something was installed secretly in my PC. I did uninstall and reinstall IE6 and also used spybot to check but it did not work. At the end, I did a clean installation of Windows 98 and the problem solved.

  Hughbeaver 22:30 28 Sep 2003

processor is
32 KB primary memory and 512 secondary memory.
In the section for win 98 it has 2 items with red crosses next to them and suggests reinstalling them, should I do this.

  powerless 22:37 28 Sep 2003

Processor speed is fine.

Memeory could be a little better, maybe 256MB. It will probably be SDRAM type which is the cheaper memory.

Two red X's i think there are Windows updates? Just run windows update again.

How many programs do you have running? Press Cntrl - Alt - Del and count what yopu see. Also if you could name them.

  The Sack 22:39 28 Sep 2003

128MB of RAM is loads with W98

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