Internet slowdown

  Doberman 09:41 08 Jun 2004

I am experiencing a severe slowup when I am on the internet, it's taking an age to move from page to page. Someone suggested removing my temp internet files ( which I have done for a long time) and also defragging the hard drive. I have removed the TIF but when I start the defrag procedure it reaches 2,3 or 4 % complete and then keeps going back to 0% complete. Any suggestions please?

  Tog 12:11 08 Jun 2004

Run Defrag in safe mode so there is nothing running in the background to interrupt it.

  TommyRed 12:34 08 Jun 2004

What OS are you running?, when I had 98SE I found the defrag hopeless and instead installed diskeeper lite click here problem solved, but close down all programs except systray and explorer using ctrl, alt & delete. Also turn off screensaver and quicklaunch toolar. This was the procedure I used and it worked. HTH TR

  medicine hat 13:41 08 Jun 2004

Did that slowdown start today? Are you on ntlworld?

  Doberman 16:58 12 Jun 2004

Problem now solved. Thanks to all who responded.

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