Internet Sharing ????

  Allin 13:40 26 May 2003

I have just set up a 2 computer network using a netgear hub and 2 netgear nic`s.The network appears to be ok,I have printed a document from the client via the server.I am using Win 98.How ever,I cannot get my interent shared .Can any one suggest software for dummies that I could try.

  Legolas 13:45 26 May 2003

Does the hub have a WAN port on it?

  Allin 13:55 26 May 2003

I don`t think so.It has 4 ports for the clients and another two ports labelled 5-uplink and 5-normal.

  keith-236785 15:26 26 May 2003

Do you use a firewall, if so look at the help files for ics, on zone alarm it is a setting "This computer is an ICS/NAT Gateway" choosing this setting should make your connection work. i presume you have set up Internet connection sharing (ICS) on the server pc.

good luck, post back if it doesnt work

  binkitone 17:47 26 May 2003

You say you are using Win 98, I presume you mean Windows 98SE as Win98 does not ICS.

  Legolas 18:40 26 May 2003

It is my understanding that to share an Internet connection the hub, switch or router must have a WAN port to allow access to the Internet. You can network two computers without using a hub by connecting a length of crossover casble between the two computers connected to the NIC cards in this way it is possible to share files, printer and Internet. If you use a intermediate device such as a hub, switch or router you must use straight through cable.

  highwray 22:18 26 May 2003

If, by any chance, you are using AOL - it doesnt allow sharing.

  Despicable Desperado 22:41 26 May 2003

What do you use to connect to the net - dialup or broadband?

  Allin 09:56 27 May 2003

I am using win 98 not se.My internet connection is broadband.I have managed to get the network up and running but still no internet ???

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