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hello to all members

I set up a network. the two computers [one run XP home(host) and the other run XP pro] talk to each other[IP addresses all set and all files are shared between them.
But when it comes to internet, on the guest PC, the browser( Explorer ) can not find server. when i run the Wizard for setting up a home network i clearly selected to connect the guest PC to internet through another Pc (Host)which is connected directly to internet through Bt Broadband.
The problem is (which is not Logic) the Guest PC find the internet connection on the Host, even when i check the status everything seems working perfectly, but come to open explorer it can not find server.
On internet option I enabled the internet sharing and all files are shared and no firewall. when i run the network diagnostic (pinging) all pass. but it says proxy not available. Believe me it really drive me mad or is my PC behaving strange as we all know sometimes computer behave weird even when logic is true or may be i am wrong.....
cheers !-))

  Terrahawk 13:16 11 Oct 2003

have you set dns settings on the client machine
if not click start / connect to /show all connections/right click local area connection /click on internet protocol tcp/ip to hihglight /click propeties/use following dns/server adress /in preferd dns server type dns server
under default gateway you should have the ip of the host machine
hope this is of some help

  [DELETED] 14:12 11 Oct 2003

Terrahawk !-))
You are a star and great pc advisor member. You sort a problem that i was trying to solve for a week. by the way the computers dont behave strange, it is the way we tell them how to do thing which may be weird..............

  Terrahawk 14:44 11 Oct 2003

good to hear you have it sorted happy surfing on both machines

p.s could you click resolved it lets others know your problem is sorted so they can move to other threads



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Just as a matter of interest, where did you come up with those dns addresses? I always thought
that different ISPs used different dns ? but it looks like I am incorrect.

  [DELETED] 00:25 12 Oct 2003

if you are still there, could you explain to me why we have to set dns on client machine and why exactly hope you read my message. next time i will click resolved.

  Terrahawk 00:43 12 Oct 2003

madpentium i am sure you are correct that different isp's use different dns the reason i was able to help with A.A.A's post is that i have machines networked on and a bt broadband connection sharing hence i know the dns for that particular server. A.A.A dns points you towards a server the particular range i gave you points to bt you dont have to do this on the host machine as this is done for you when you connect directly to your isp where as your client machine connects through your machine and not directly to the server hope this makes sense just back from the watering hole

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