Internet security/Anti-Virus failure !

  Sheriff Rossco P Coltraine 10:13 22 Aug 2004

Ok, yesterday I purchased my self a new DVD writer (a sony DRU-700A) which came bundled with Nero 6. So I replaced my dvd-rom drive with this new improved drive. Great, then I installed the software - Nero suite, player and In-CD.

Now the bad bit, after re-booting the PC Nero6 was in the Quick launch panel and In-Cd in the notification (start) panel. But NO Norton Anti-Virus auto protect or Internet security!! (2004) after checking their settings all protection has been diabled! it states autoprotect is not loaded and I cannot enable it! I cannot log into Internet security! - which means I cannot uninstall to re-install. I cannot access symantec's help site (just page not found)But browsing seems ok. I cannot access windows update! says could not connect and cannot access MSN Messenger 6.2 !

Iv uninstalled Nero6 and all its bits, tried various dates on system restore (win XP home)but just states could note use as nothing has changed.
I cannot uninstall Norton Internet security as cant log on and options is not available as "you have insufficient privaliges to complete this operation"

Please can someone offer some urgent assistance :-(

  Sheriff Rossco P Coltraine 11:45 22 Aug 2004

why is nothing ever easy :-(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:47 22 Aug 2004

If browsing works then scan for virus Trend Online Check click here som eviruses disable Norton.

Post back results of scan.

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