Internet Security for WinXP Home SP2 & Dual Core

  Giggle n' Bits 21:39 06 May 2006

I am looking for a new Internet Security software Firewall with Virus Software for my new XP Home machine running a Dual Core AMD 4800 CPU.

I see PCP Mag have Zone Alarm in the AList and Norton Internet Security 2006 as recomended. Also I hear or problems with Zone Alarm updates from another recent post in this forum and am a little concerned about using Zone Alarm.

I haven't heard much bad about NIS 06 apart from it is a little bit of a system resource eater but shurley with a dual core system would I really notice it ?

Anyway has anyone got any For & Against coments for Norton Internet Security 2006 and Zone Alarm. I am not interested in others I know AVG, Sygate etc but just NIS 06 & Zone Alarm coments please.

  Jimmy14 21:52 06 May 2006

Norton Internet Security 2006. I purchased it in December and am extremely pleased with it. Alot of people on here will say it is a resource eater but definitely not in my case with a Pentium D and surely not in yours either with Amd Athlon 64 x2 4800. People will also say that it makes your system crash but in my experience mine hasn't crashed once.

Pc World are selling NIS 2006 + Norton Go back for £24.99

  Giggle n' Bits 22:10 06 May 2006

I think the using up a lot of system resources is down to the way people have there machines configured full of games and other utility programes which overkill. I have used Norton Anti Virus since 2002 ok a few crashes but thats been on a very old system.

Can I ask you Jimmy14 you know that little windows pop-up which tells you your norton software is running ok, can that pop-up be turned of ?

  Jimmy14 22:19 06 May 2006

by going into the configuration of Norton. I am not exactly sure how to but I will find out for you if you want it turned off

  johnnyrocker 23:29 06 May 2006

a lot of people using this forum have and recommend avg free with a free firewall of choice (in my case sygate as za gave me constant probs) been happily running with this config and the usual anti spyware quite for a long time with no probs.


  Skills 23:51 06 May 2006

After I had norton miss a virus that AVG free picked up it was ditched.

Personally Im not a norton fan it slows systems down to a crawl and isnt the best in my opinion.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:01 07 May 2006

turn off the Norton Internet Security pop up window. Also Jimmy14, does your Internet Security 2006 put 2 icons in the system tray near the clock or just one ?

  JYPX 00:15 07 May 2006

Big Byte - Was a satisfied Norton user until last month and would have renewed for the 3rd year running but Norton really annoyed me with the pop-up dire warning messages asking me for money that started about a month before renewal date. So I didn't.

  Jimmy14 12:55 07 May 2006

it only has one icon in the system tray

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:09 07 May 2006

"Personally Im not a norton fan it slows systems down to a crawl"

I've been using Norton software since 1999 on various systems, it has never slowed any pc of mine to a crawl, you just need to configure it properly..

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