Internet security systems Kapersky or another?

  Damarc 14:13 20 Sep 2014

From a previous post I was given a link for AV test for best AV, antispyware/malware security. Kapersky internet security seems to score best out of all of them but McAfee came a good second. Now in the past I have always had trouble with McAfee conflicting with loads of stuff on my old pc and not allowing this or that very easily. I couldn't get rid of it either! If this AV lab testing shows McAfee in a good light how do I know that I won't have problems with their other recommendations? I originally wanted a freebie AV plus freebie antispyware and was advised to get malwarebytes to run in conjunction with Windows Defender in 8.1. It was evidently only a trial which has now finished and I can't download it again.

  john bunyan 14:35 20 Sep 2014

If you want a free Antivirus, I would recommend either Avira or Avast. I use one on desktop and the other on a laptop. Each has slightly different details. On both I use the windows firewall, and with the Avira one have the free version of Malawarebytes and Superantispyware, plus Spywareblaster. With the Avast I use the pro version of Malawarebytes as I found that Avasts "live" web scanner affected iCloud so I use the "live" version of Malawarebytes - not as a/v but as a malware scanner..

Only have one a/v. I think either of the two above has a better reputation than Win Defender. Another to consider is Emisoft, but I have not used it.

Coupled with an occasional scan with ADWCleaner I have had no problems for years.

  onthelimit1 14:40 20 Sep 2014

You must have left the Malwarebytes box 'free trial' ticked. I would have thought that if you uninstall it, you should then be able to download a fresh copy.

I'm with JB - Avast or Avira. I've never paid for AV and am no more affected than some of those with expensive packages.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 20 Sep 2014

It doesn't matter which testing site you look at they all give different results for the various AVs and Internet security suites. I use and average from 7 different sites to form an opinion.

If your paying then Kapersky is the best suite

I use several different machines with various combinations of Antivirus / Malware protection.

As with JB

Firewall XP needs a third party firewallas its only oneway, Windows Vista 7 /8 /8.1 firewall is good enough

Antivirus Avira or Avast are best free AVs, remember only one Antivirus should be installed, use the appropriate removal tool to completely remove any other Antivirus program used previously as they will cause conflicts. Both also have realtime antimalware scanning included.

Anti- spy / malware (as much as you want)

SpywareBlaster can be used as a blocker to prevent access to known bad sites, takes no resources just check for updates regularly and enable all protection once updated.

Malwarebytes free SuperAntispyware

Scan weekly with either or both of the above to check Avast / Avira are doing their job

PUP removal ADWCleaner gets rid of unwanted malicious programs and toolbar addons, run regularly especially after downloading software.

CCleaner isn't a protection program but used regularly, to delete internet cache and remove junk files as well as stopping unnecessary programs from running at start, can really help kep your machine running smoothly.

  rdave13 15:40 20 Sep 2014

You can get a lifetime licence (one-off payment) for Malwarebytes for £8.29 from here. Search around to see if you can get it cheaper. Well worth it for real-time protection in my humble opinion.

  john bunyan 17:18 20 Sep 2014


Thanks - I agree and got the Pro version on one PC - will now get it on the other.

  Damarc 13:41 21 Sep 2014

Hi Rdave13. When I checked your link to Malwarebytes [amazon] it is only applicable for Win7 downwards, doesn't mention Win8.

JB If I go for Avira with all the addons of MB SAS and SB will they automatically be loaded?

Thirdly if WinDefender has Antivirus with it how do I turn it off to avoid a conflict with Avira? I can't see differentiation between the various ccomponents to switch on or off.

Thanks All

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:04 21 Sep 2014
  1. use my links all free and no hidden PUPS

  2. When you download click on the downloaded file and they will install automatically.

  3. Windows defender will not be a problem as windows will close it when it sees another AV installed.

  rdave13 17:21 21 Sep 2014

Damarc I just bought the licence the other day and running on Win 8.1. It's a download. The reason for the postage is Amazon insists on it. See this link.

  john bunyan 18:06 21 Sep 2014


If you have decided on Avira, use Fruit Bat /\0/\'s link. It should replace Defender automatically but in the Action centre (or W8 equivalent) you can disable Defender once Avira installed. Avira should update automatically and you can set a scan schedule. Also use Fruit Bat /\0/\'s links for MBAM and SAS , of they are safely all (including Avira) available on Filehippo under their anti malware heading. The free versions need to be manually updated. I run them every day or two.Spyware blaster is also available on Filehippo Spywareblaster. I always download first to a "Download" folder and install from there. I also create a system restore prior to installing.

  john bunyan 18:55 21 Sep 2014

PS CCleaner is also on Filehippo if you have not already got it.

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