wehatespurs 14:38 12 May 2007

I no a lot of you will say stick with free stuff
but i want to try a good security suite.
Can anyone tell me a top security suite which does not hog your pc and does not slow pc down to much.

  Jimmy14 14:42 12 May 2007

Since you are basically asking for a paid suite then I suggest Norton Internet Security 2007. Norton anti-virus got a 96% detection rate in this months PC ADVISOR magazine and got the "PC ADVISOR RECOMMENDED" award. There is also the new Norton 360 security suite that includes system utilities and 2Gb online backup options. There are people on this forum who recommend AVG and Avast free editions which I don't dispute as I am currently using AVG Free on one machine to try but have always used Norton.

  birdface 15:06 12 May 2007

Norton causes so many arguments on here from the ones that like it and the ones that dont,I have not tried Norton Internet Security 2007 but I do hear it is a big improvement from their earlier versions,If I got it for nothing I would probably use it,If I had to pay for it No,If you go ahead and buy it,Shop around you will get it cheaper on the Internet,

  feb 15:20 12 May 2007

It's all here! click here

  [email protected] 15:40 12 May 2007

in a failing attempt to get any games running smooth and fast on vista, i tried many combinations of paid for software, kaspersky came in a close second but once again im back with nis 07 and xp, i havnt tried the 360 suite though, it works for me and always has.
if it aint broken!

  Zero Two 14:59 21 Jun 2007

Norton Internet Security 2007 and Windows Vista just do not go together.

Patches etc at Symantec web site are a total waste of Download and Installation time

  Belatucadrus 15:28 21 Jun 2007
  Kingfisher 15:36 21 Jun 2007

I dithed nis 2007 after it trashed my pc, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, replaced it with avg version 7.5 internet security suite. free trial here click here

  Kingfisher 15:38 21 Jun 2007

dithed should have been ditched any mention of nis 2007 makes my brain scramble

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