Internet security suite

  d125 19:08 10 Mar 2006

Can anyone recommend a complete internet security suite? I've been trying to research the different brands, norton, mcafee, zonelabs, etc. but I'm pretty lost. They all sound the same to me. I've already had norton, and pc-cillin, adaware, in the past and my son keeps getting a ton of viruses and adware on his laptop anyway. I've been told that viruses can't destroy hard drives but ds has already gone through 2 hard drives. Can viruses tax the system resources to the point that the hard drives fail? I'd like something like a 3-user edition so I can use it on 2 laptops with XP and my younger son's desktop (Pent. 3) with windows ME. I'd prefer the best virus protection and adware blocking possible - and easy to use, if possible. Thanks for any advice.

  bluto1 19:28 10 Mar 2006

Dont know if you get the PCA magazine. I now get the DVD issue and there are 2 programmes on it this month (May issue) From Idigicon called Net Cleaner and Internet Protector. Maybe they could be your answer. Good luck anyway.

  bluto1 19:31 10 Mar 2006

Please do not be offended by this question. Has your son`s PC got a firewall active?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:46 10 Mar 2006

All you need is AVG A/V click here and windows defender click here and zonealarm free firewall for the XP systems. AVG and zone alarm for the ME with spybot as well click here. You can also d/l Ccleaner click here which will clear out all the rubbish and is an excellent, safe programme. These are all FREE.

It might be an idea to tell your son not to download ANY free programmes or screensavers from any sites, not to click 'yes' to any surveys and not to open any attachments that he is unsure about (if he is a teenager, a short lecture on visiting sites where women appear to have forgotten their clothes, might be in order). If a programme is given permission to run no amount of AVs or firewalls will stop it. ;-))


  pennyben 00:28 11 Mar 2006

You do seem to have problems.It all depends if you are willing to spend some money on a full blown suite or if you want to use free versions.

Looking at your troubles paying for a suite may be better for you, i.e. all the programs are updated automatically. With free versions you will have to update manually, except for the anti virus - but please do not use avg.Try Avast or Anti Vir instead.

As for security suites do not pay too much, you can find suites for £20 ish. My favourites at the moment are Mcafee and CA - Computer Associates.

I would probably favour CA - download from the website via Microsoft click here

I would also use Spywareblaster, Ewido antimalware and Adaware.

Hope this helps.

  anskyber 10:38 11 Mar 2006

click here Is what I use and I am very happy with it after being unhappy with Norton. The free ones mentioned above seem to get consistent good ratings from those who use them.

  Minkey1 17:11 11 Mar 2006

BitDefender Antivirus gets a good write up in PCA May 06, and there's a reader link to a discount on the full suite, which includes a firewall.

I currently use Avast and Kerio, both free, but with limited functionality. Avast for instance, always says "scan never done" even tho I do it at least weekly.

Yer pays yer money (or not) and yer takes yer choice.

  Martin12 20:41 12 Mar 2006

Does the free version of AVG react to a virus if it starts to download immediatly or does it only pick them up during a scan??

  skidzy 21:22 12 Mar 2006

You say your son is getting tons of viruses...

Maybe a good idea is to stay away from Peer to Peer file sharing ie: Kazarlite,bearshare,shareazza to mention a few,and not to share files with his mates on msn without scanning them with an Antivirus.

Im not saying he does this,just an idea.And as mention before make sure he has a stable firewall activated,with an up to date AV.

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