Internet Security for Kids

  wenders05 10:59 30 Mar 2005

Hi there, was just wondering if anyone else was looking into internet security for home, ie parental controls. I've tried a few programs (NetNanny, CyberPatrol n CyberSitter)and i'm now trialling Netintelligence which i have to say has been the best so far. I've found it really user-friendly and it lets me see exactly what my daughter is up to on her pc when i'm not in the room. It does the usual by blocking websites that she shouldn't have access to but it also lets me see how long she's been surfing, what games she's been playing and who she's talking to on messenger. It even lets me spy on her conversations lol. So i just thought i'd share this with you all and suggest that if anyone else is looking for controls to try the Netintellligence free trial to see if they like it. The link to the site is click here thanx for reading my ramblings, wenders

  NinkyRudes 12:55 30 Mar 2005

Great link. Haven't seen this one before.

Whilst I understand the need for software that restricts use of the Internet for younger kids, my feeling is that such programs are ethical to use only if the kid(s) in question are aware they are being spied on. The guardian/parent's relationship with the child needs to be totally honest in this scenario, as I have seen massive rifts between kids and their parents caused by such software. It's a trust thing. The parent may feel they cannot trust the child to surf safely, but the lack of trust is reciprocated when they realise they have been trapped.

I have found in the past that most do not object once the principle has been explained to them, that it is for their own safety/sanity etc.

My two cents!

  wenders05 13:07 30 Mar 2005

Hey Guys, sorry if it sounds like i'm trying to play 'Big Mother' but as much as i totally agree with the trust issue, i've already had the don't click on this, don't click on that conversation, the biggest reason i wanted parental software was to stop my daughter seeing things that 8 yr olds shouldn't see. Spam and porn sites are so advanced these days that what is to stop a child clicking on something accidentally. And with messenger, what is to stop a 36 yr old man posing as a 14 yr old girl? I think we all know what i'm on about. U could always try some software for free, and show ur kids what is on their pc, they'll be surprised, i know mine was!

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