internet security advise please

  pookie 12:50 14 Mar 2008


I am a home pc user using a wireless connection from my own wireless modem / router which has built in firewall activated on it. Wireless connection is WEP security enabled as well. My modem / router is approx 2 years old so may not have the new current modem / router security features. Mine is the only pc using this connection.

On my pc I use (all free):
Zonealarm firewall
Spyware blaster
Avg antivirus
Avg antispyware and ad-aware

I am thinking of buying zonelabs internet security suite (firewall, anti virus and anti spyware built in). Should I get it or will my free versions be ok?

Also, re free firewalls. Is zonealarm still any good? I ask as years ago it was always recommended in magazines but I saw a recent survey of free firewalls against paid for firewalls and zonealarm was not even featured/mentioned in the survey. If is it no longer considered any good then which is the best free firewall?

Many thanks


  RobCharles1981 13:31 14 Mar 2008
  birdface 13:42 14 Mar 2008

You have plenty .I would add McAfee Site Advisor.This will warn you when you go near bad sites.And WinPatrol.That will stop you from getting hijacked etc.Both free.They only put icons on your computer and only need updating about every 6 months.

  pookie 13:55 14 Mar 2008

many thanks - so that's a 'no' to zonealarm internet security suite then.

What about zonealarm has a free firewall then? Is it still recommended or is Comodo better?

  birdface 14:59 14 Mar 2008

A lot of folk use Zone Alarm.But Comodo was voted the best Firewall last year.its up to you.I have never used the security suite so cannot comment .I am quite happy using the freebies and have had no problems with them.Maybe add A squared to your spyware programs.And just run it once a month.That is also free.

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