Internet security

  baldyx 16:51 06 Nov 2006

I have Norton Internet security(Antivirus,antiSpam,etc) already running on my desktop.

I am upgrading to Sky broadband which also comes free with Macffee security software.
Can i run both or one of them only on my pc?

  skidzy 16:53 06 Nov 2006

More than one AV will most certainly cause Conflicts.

What version of Norton do you currently use ?

  anskyber 16:54 06 Nov 2006

No, not recommended. Two full time running in the background is asking for a system crash.

  Belatucadrus 16:58 06 Nov 2006

Two anti virus is high on the list of things not to try on a PC, if you're lucky the computer will go on a real Go Slow, if you're unlucky, the two anti virus programs will declare war on each other and crash the system.
Just ensure that the Security package you've got is still supported by the manufacturer and up to date. Symantec in particular make a habit of selling signature updates to obsolete software and if something new crops up and the program can't deal with it, they really could not care less.

  skidzy 17:00 06 Nov 2006

If you decide to keep Mcafee (recommended in my opinion) use the Norton removal tool,as norton needs to be removed in the correct order click here

  baldyx 17:24 06 Nov 2006

Thanks all. I use Norton Internet Security 2006.

I will use only one.

  skidzy 17:47 06 Nov 2006

The Norton removal tool should uninstall your version ok.

  birdface 18:23 06 Nov 2006

Or if you want to keep Norton, I understand that you can get a free update, To 2007.Thats supposed to be quite good,

  baldyx 11:39 10 Nov 2006

'I understand that you can get a free update, To 2007.Thats supposed to be quite good,' :

Will that be a full version of 2007? or upgrade of 2006?

  Strawballs 11:51 10 Nov 2006

Having used both Norton and am currently using McAfee on my main PC I would go for McAfee.

  birdface 17:37 10 Nov 2006

As Far as I know you get upgraded from 2006- To 2007.They are comming out with a new Beta one next year,

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