Internet security

  Michael_kozlowsk 22:55 05 Jan 2006

Please can anyone direct me to any decent free firewall downloads, as I have yet to install one on my computer.


  Thalmus 22:59 05 Jan 2006
  spuds 23:27 05 Jan 2006

If you are using Microsoft XP, then this as a firewall included, but ZoneAlarm is very highly recommended. Remember that you only require one firewall, and using two running together may cause confliction problems.

Do you have other safeguards installed,for protection against spyware and virus/trojans etc!.

  flaming 04:31 06 Jan 2006

Spuds is so right. When I bought my PC there was a Norton AV already in the PC, but at the same time I bought a McAvee package for the year and installed that. HP Help later told me that not only do two AVs together conflict, there might be damage to the PC if the 'free' one was left on, so I had to uninstall it, rather than uninstall and take back the unnecessary bought one. It was a bad time for me, not knowing what I was doing, and getting over-the-phone instructions and realising that was £50 wasted. I want to get a free AV next and am glad of Thalmus's link.

  flaming 04:43 06 Jan 2006

Sorry - I meant free trial one. I might do better with a change. I bought the package I did with CD to install, subscription for a year.
P.S. Does the running out of one AV brand have to be left until the last minute, before downloading another? And can one have the free trial whilst the other AV is still running, please? I was thinking there should be no unprotected gap.

  Mavericke 08:14 06 Jan 2006

Downloading and installing the zone alarm was really good for me as I am running on AVG free edition anti virus. However I Do have a problem. As a ebay user, I would sell stuffs on ebay and recently I could not upload any pictures with zone alarm switched on (when using Internet Explorer). Firefox will not be able to upload picturs to ebay even if zone alarm is switched off. Any idea?

  Genius1 11:12 06 Jan 2006

All of the security programs I use are free - AVG Antivius, ZoneAlarm Firewall and Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta. I recently switched from Norton Internet Security 2005 (which I payed £50 for when it was released!), as it kept throwing up errors and crashing my programs!

  ade.h 17:13 06 Jan 2006

I prefer Sunbelt/Kerio and the light version of Outpost for their configurability, features and lack of paranoia.

  Haol 17:35 06 Jan 2006

Yeah Outpost is good and effective, you can't go wrong with it and also use Firefox when surfing the internet.

  Haol 17:36 06 Jan 2006

Here's the Firefox link click here

  flaming 00:28 07 Jan 2006

How did you switch from one AV programme to the other, please? I haven't had to do that yet.
Is it a simple procedure? I understood my "off the shelf" McAvee package was only a year's subscription. I shall soon have to decide. If I go with a new free or trial one, must I organise things so that I do the download of the new as the time runs out on the subscription one. I presume McAvee will just withdraw its package at the subscition's end, or do I have to give a formal notice?

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