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  baldyx 23:02 21 Mar 2005

After logging in successfully on to a secure web site, a yellow padlock is displayed as expected. But before the next screen of this web site is displayed,the message
'You are about to leave a secure site. The information you provide may be shared by others on the network..'
& if respond o.k., it displayes the page without the yellow padlock (which i admit is expected on a non-secure page).

I didn't use to get this message when I accessed this web site previously.

I don't know why suddenly i get this message now.


  GaT7 00:30 22 Mar 2005

The particular website in question may have changed the way it operates/loads (or whatever the correct term is).

Is it not possible to contact the webmaster (or similar) of the site to ask why the site behaves differently as compared to before?

Am I right in assuming you're using the SAME computer to access this site with UNchanged Internet browser settings (as the previous time you accessed this site)? G

  baldyx 00:49 22 Mar 2005

I am using the same pc & Internet settings.
I have contacted the site help desk and was told that it may be the ISProvider has changed something . But I doubt it because i can access other secure web sites which displayes the yellow padlock. The guy on the help desk also told me that it does not matter whether or not the security yelllow padlock is displayed because their site is secure !! .This I found a bit disturbing because this was a finnancial transaction on the web.

  Number 7 00:56 22 Mar 2005

If the site is secure you should see https at the start of the URL in your browser's address bar.

If you don't see this, then be very suspicious.

  baldyx 01:04 22 Mar 2005

I just logged into that web site and the URL in the internet browser's address bar has 'http'.

  baldyx 01:07 22 Mar 2005

Further to my previous response, i noticed that the URL in the browser without the yellow padlock
has changed from 'https' to 'http' . Has this any significance?

  GaT7 01:15 22 Mar 2005

http = not secure / https = secure

With all due respect, I don't think the person you contacted knows too much about what is happening & has given you his own version of events. The bit about it doesn't matter whether the security yellow padlock is displayed or not because their site is secure is simply not correct (click here). Was it a 'technical' Help desk you contacted, baldyx? G

  Number 7 01:24 22 Mar 2005

Yes, it does.

If it's a site where you perform financial transactions it should ALWAYS display HTTPS in the address bar- never HTTP.

If I were you, I'd be concerned.

Is it an online banking site, (or similar) or just a one-off purchase from an online suppiler?

  GaT7 03:54 22 Mar 2005

If you've just completed a financial transaction & you're getting the warning, "You are about to leave a secure site...", then you may be OK, as nobody'll have access to the really important details, which you'd have hopefully entered when in secure httpS mode.

But if you're being asked to enter login details at a non-secure http site, just PRIOR to doing something of 'significance' (like making a payment, entering credit card details, changing personal info, etc.), then you must be very concerned.

However, I'm a little confused now as I've discovered variations from site to site, & we may have misunderstood the Helpdesk person!? Perhaps Number 7 or someone else in the know will be able to clear this up once & for all. G

  Jackcoms 07:57 22 Mar 2005

As has already been said, a secure site will always start with 'https' AND will always display the locked padlock symbol.

If the site doesn't have both of these phenomena, DON'T use it for secure transactions (banking, etc).

The message/warning "You are about to leave a secure site...." is merely to let you know that your secure transaction has now finished and you are moving out of the secure area. Nothing more, nothing less.

Not all sites give you this message. Don't worry about it.

  baldyx 01:30 23 Mar 2005

I will report these findings/points to the web site concerned & post my response asap.

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