Internet Running Slowly Most of The Time

  benosc 10:18 27 Jun 2017

Hi I have for some time had a problem with the speed of my internet connection. Although the speed tests show it to be OK including latency, I still have the situation where it can take several seconds to refresh the page or in some instances not load at all. I have checked my router. MY ISP says there is nothing wrong with the line etc. I have done a ping from my computer to the router and that shows no problems either.

My system although not very new is still adequate for the task I think although I only have an old graphics card but again should be OK AMD quad core phenom processor 4gb ddr3 memory Linksys router NVidia Gforce 8600 gts Window 7 64bit

I regularly do the necessary housekeeping with CCleaner, WiseCare, Malwarebytes and defrag etc. and my antivirus shows no viruses even on a deep clean.

I have run a test on the memory, CPU, and graphics card but all comes up OK.

I am at a loss as to what it could be.

Any help would be appreciated.


  MLA2000 13:42 27 Jun 2017

Which browser are you using, and are you using Adblock?

Looking at your GPUs very low specs, this would bottleneck your system in things like games but shouldn't really harm browsing. It appears that the Phenom CPU may also be a factor behind slow speeds, but this would be noticeable through the entire system.

I recommend switching to Opera and enabling its built in Adblocking tool from the browser settings (Found under the browser logo in the top left hand corner). This should reduce the workload on your CPU. From the same menu you can also access "Opera Turbo", which may increase speeds if it is your raw internet connection to blame, rather than your PC.

You can also try taking checks on on your wifi with that pc and another device, if the results are the same, it is your ISP that is to blame - and it may be worth looking at different ISPs in your area with faster speeds.

  benosc 10:01 30 Jun 2017

Hi Guys Thanks for your replies. I have been using latest version of Internet Explorer for some time. I tried Chrome which I use from time to time but not for a long time. Used it just now to compare and surprise surprise!! It appears that it is actually IE that is slowing down my internet browsing. I have no problems with Chrome.

If this is the case, how can I delete it and then re-install IE to see if that helps get rid of any corruption it might have. I believe that I can only disable it but that it would still be on the computer so that would not help much would it? Strange one!!


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