shakes 15:41 01 May 2003

I need to be able to restrict internet access on our office network (6 pc's), but I need to target specific PC's. Can this be done?

We use Windows 2000 nt

Mant thanks in anticipation.

  LastChip 17:59 01 May 2003

When you say, restrict, do you mean limited access, or no access at all?

  shakes 19:48 01 May 2003

Access at some times during the day but not others, an on/off switch if you like for each particular PC.

  LastChip 19:57 01 May 2003

but it's beyond my knowledge level.

I think you would have to create Group (or User) policies, depending on how your LAN is set-up, and then write a script to control the access times.

  recap 12:28 02 May 2003

shakes, don't know whether this will work but you can give it a try.

Open up the Group Policy of the OU, expand Computer Configuration, expand Windows Components, open IE. In the right pane enable Security Zones: Use only computer settings, Do not allow user to change policies & Do not allow users to add/delete sites.

  fitshase 14:09 02 May 2003

My old company used Wingate click here. I don't know how configurable it was but they had unlimited access during lunchtime and only access to restricted sites during the day.

They also assigned passwords to various managers so they could get access all of the time.



  vaughan007 14:14 02 May 2003

Perhaps "Novell" do a piece of software that allows this. Just a guess really.

  shakes 18:00 02 May 2003

Thank you all for the help, I am looking at all the options, but the Wingate software seems to do exactly what I want, I will be investigating further...once again thanks.

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