Internet Regularly (But Randomly) Disconnecting

  LewisBurnell 07:44 28 Jan 2015

Hi all,

Several months ago while using a Wireless connection, it would regularly drop. As my Router is in the living room and my PC is in the attic, I assumed it was simply a case of distance and too many walls. I reported this to my ISP and they simply said the same, though they did check my line and said it was fine. I decided the solution would be to fit a wired connection from my Router to my PC in the attic.

Having done this, my connection speed is now exceptional (I pay for 60mb Fibre Optic through PlusNet) and I achieve almost exactly that.

Having Wired my connection, I'm still getting totally random disconnects. I'll get kicked from Team Speak and the games I'm currently playing, the yellow Triangle will appear in the bottom right of Windows and my connection will then drop out. The only way to get it back is to unplug my Ethernet cable from the back of my PC and plug it back in, or turn the Router on and off again.

Here is a "Disconnect Diary" I kept:

  • 18:26 14/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 10:54 15/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 12:59 15/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 08:32 16/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 19:00-19:40 9/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 20:04 19/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 20:16 19/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 20:23 19/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 20:27 19/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 13:44 19/01/2015 Connection Down
  • 14:24 19/01/2015 Connection Down

I reported to my ISP, after wiring my connection, that it was still dropping and from the 14th January kept this diary. They arranged for a BT Engineer to visit my property and he tested every connection - he said my line was perfect. He also checked with the exchange to see (on BT's side) if I had had any drops and they confirmed I hadn't. PlusNet confirmed they had seen a couple of drops, but nothing matching what I was experiencing.

PlusNet subsequently sent me a brand new Router. I installed this and the same day had a disconnect. I have subsequently bought a new Ethernet cable (40 meters) and that too has fixed nothing (I had a disconnect about an hour after using the new cable). Lastly, I re-installed and updated my Ethernet drivers and that did nothing.

Besides re-installing my operating system or buying a separate Ethernet card (I'm plugging into my Motherboards Ethernet at the moment) I'm at a complete loss and my ISP doesn't know what the cause is.

My system specs are below, let me know if you need more:

P8P67 (B3 Revision) i5 2500K OC'ed to 4.3GHZ Windows 7 64 Bit version

If anyone can help on this matter, I'd really appreciate it and would happily buy someone a game on Steam (of their choice!) as a thank you. I'm pretty desperate at the moment!

Few things to note: My wife and I regularly stream films on Netflix through my Chromebook using Wireless (it has no Ethernet port) and not once has the connection dropped.

Thank you

  LewisBurnell 08:10 28 Jan 2015

Thanks for the reply!

I do have Anti Virus software (Avast!) but it's disabled when the computer boots up and while playing games.

I've used CC Cleaner and have disabled every other program running in the background :(

  LewisBurnell 10:00 28 Jan 2015

I ran Kaspersky and no versus' were detected.

  rdave13 10:48 28 Jan 2015

In device manager right click the NIC card, properties, power management, untick the box for Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Check for the same setting for the wireless card.

In control panel, power options, select high performance, then 'change plan settings, select sleep to never, then select 'change advanced power settings', optimize everything there. There might be another Wireless adapter setting in there as well. Just trying to eliminate possible issues with the PC rather than the router as you've said that disconnecting the Ethernet cable and reconnecting it brings back the connection.

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