Internet randomly cutting in and out

  AndrewM12 21:07 22 May 2017

I've had my computer for a good few years now and never had any "internet" related problems. Within the past year I've suddenly been having this problem where I will be playing a game and the internet will cut out randomly for a few seconds and then reconnect (Which is extremely infuriating in an online game). It will say I'm connected the the network but that yellow triangle will appear saying I can't reach the internet.

I've looked at many solutions online and I've tried fixing it but nothing seems to have worked. I've tried : Changing network adaptor settings to not turn off for power saving Changing DNS Servers manually Changing from a wireless dongle to a Ethernet cable Dusting out my computer Running anti-virus scans

Nothing seems to work but changing from wireless to wired has defiantly improved it slightly. This Ethernet cable is not a normal cable however its plugged into a special box on the wall that channels it through the electricity and then there is another box at the router connected to it (My office doesn't have an Ethernet port at the wall) so I'm not sure if that is creating a problem?

I changed motherboards in 2015 after having power issues where my computer would randomly shut down for no reason and had no problems until 2016 when my internet became an issue. All other devices in the house work fine, it's just my computer with this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm going off my nut trying to figure out what is wrong.

Thanks -Andrew

  wee eddie 21:20 22 May 2017

Household appliances can sometimes be the source of such problems. Boilers, Fridges, Deep freezes, Microwaves, kettles and even Thermostats.

I find this extraordinary but there is plenty of evidence to say that this really happens as there is a small power surge as they switch on and off

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