Internet radio on Windows Media Player

  thumbscrew 23:26 30 Jun 2017

Anyone know what's happened to Internet Radio on WMP 12? It used to be accessed via Media Guide, but clicking on it now just reveals something called Groove Music. Are the radio stations still available?

  rdave13 20:08 01 Jul 2017

Best to go for BBC iPlayer Radio. Link to.

  thumbscrew 21:33 01 Jul 2017

Surely no comparison to Internet Radio rdave? It's got thousands of channels, hundreds of different categories. The I-Player is minuscule compared to that!

  rdave13 21:40 01 Jul 2017

Well.. for the first time in years I opened WMP in Win 10 and I cannot find your settings. Godoogle found this ,though there may be many others to choose from.

Sorry I can't help with WMP.

1]: [click here

  thumbscrew 22:22 01 Jul 2017

Just the job rdave, thanks pal.

  britto 23:03 01 Jul 2017

Followed the link from rdave13 and installed it on my phone and put a shortcut on desktop, good find thanks for posting.

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