Internet radio - what do you need?

  CarterUSM 14:19 22 Jan 2010

OK, I’m going to ask a really silly question now – could someone give me an idiot-proof answer?

I am thinking about buying an internet radio set. I have a broadband connection, and a ADSL router through which I obtain it.

Were I to buy a set, do I need any more apparatus (eg. another router?) other than my existing wireless broadband connection? The point of me buying one is to enable me to listen to internet radio stations elsewhere in the house, without being crouched in front of my PC.

Please excuse my ignorance in these matters, and thank you very much in anticipation of your help.

  Poitier 14:57 22 Jan 2010

As you have BB and a router you do not need to buy anything to listen to radio stations on your PC.You can listen to past broadcasts on BBC i player or many live stations.The program varies with the operating system.You can ,however ,buy a device 'prolectrix' in ASDA that you plug into a USB port and click and play.

  Poitier 15:07 22 Jan 2010

Sorry I did not notice the last part of your post.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:29 22 Jan 2010

All you need is a wireless enabled radio (Pure are the best IMHO but only get what you pay for click here). When you turn the radio on you will be aksed for the wireless key. Type it in using the buttons on the radio (a bit fiddly) and once it is set you will not have to put it in again. You will then be able to connect to 15000+ stations.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:34 22 Jan 2010

ps..Comet and John Lewis are flogging the Pure wireless at £134 and Amazon at £118.23 click here


  morddwyd 21:17 22 Jan 2010

I use the Revo Pico (2 actually, bedroom and kitchen), I prefer them to the Pure range.

  tigertop2 10:36 23 Jan 2010

If you can find one the Vistron MX 200i has been selling for around £40. I have had one for a year and it is quite brilliant. You plug it in anywhere in the home and its wireless system connects to your router, One of the best buys ever but I think it is discontinued now. E buyer were selling them but don't now stock them. I can put up with the pink casing for the value it offers

  CarterUSM 15:37 24 Jan 2010

Thanks for your advice everyone - much appreciated.

  peter99co 16:04 26 Jan 2010

click here

I like this one and may go for it when finance allows.

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