Internet radio -MP3 / Winamp

  Trikie 21:37 26 Aug 2004

Using broadband with XP I want to listen to a specialist Pedal Steel radio site click here.

The home page states I need an MP3 player to listen, but it also has a link to download Winamp. This comes in 2 versions and looking at their site the free one will do me.

Does XP include an MP3 player - nothing happens when I click on the "play" link, and if I need Winamp does it have any downside features that I need to know about?

  stalion 22:16 26 Aug 2004

winamp is very good click here

  Trikie 00:00 02 Sep 2004

I've downloaded Winamp, but the reference to it must have been just an advert as the website still doesn't play.

Does XP include an MP3 player? If so how do I find it and if not how do I get one?

I just tried this from your link.

I clicked on the flashing 'On Air' button and Winamp immediately opened the connection.
I had to approve the connection through my firewall, but the station plays just fine.

I'm currently using Winamp v2.91.

  britto 20:02 02 Sep 2004

Quicktime will also play this file type if you have it installed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:17 02 Sep 2004

Plays OK in Real Player downloaded from the BBC ads and fred Pierce's studio drum shop is top of my favourites ;-))))


  Trikie 20:19 02 Sep 2004

Yes, Winamp has now played it for me. Looks as though if it doesn't work first time I need to try again.

Thanks everyone.

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