internet radio

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 12:49 11 Jul 2004

hello all again is it possabile to recorded the internet radio as it plays 12:55 11 Jul 2004

Windows XP has a built in sound recorder so you could run that when listening the the radio.



tryed that couldnt seem to get to work

  Mikè 13:39 11 Jul 2004

click here not free but works fine, basically will record whatever you hear.

ok any one no a free one

  pj123 14:54 11 Jul 2004

Download JetAudio from click here (free)

I use it (much better than Realplayer and doesn't have any intrusions) once it has been set up properly you can record to your hard disk, (providing you have enough space, of course).

Once you have installed it, run it and go to Preferences, File Type Association and in the right window click on Check All and then Update and OK it. If you need any more assistance or help with it please email me.

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