Internet Problems - A puzzler

  Phate 17:45 25 Jun 2004

I have a cable broadband (ntl) modem, 1.3ghz amd athlon processor, 1.25 gb ram with 120gb hard drive.

I install and use three different browsers; Netscape, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Recently I have been having a lot of problems with my internet access, in which I keep receiving the following error messages;

"The connection was refused when attempting to connect to ....."


"Page cannot be displayed" - IE

"Could not connect to remote server" - Opera

These messages seem to appear at random intervals, and usually web access can be restored to normal for a few minutes if the page is refreshed three or four times.

Does anybody have any ideas?


  Phate 17:48 25 Jun 2004

Sorry for the duplicate posting - I got one of the messages and thought the message hadn't got through.

  obbit 19:03 25 Jun 2004

sounds like a similar problem to the one i had.
i kept getting DNS error cannot find server. it went on for about 3 weeks. i spoke to NTL BB help desk at Swansea, who told me it was their fault and to wait till others reported the problem.

I sent an email but got no reply. I wrote a letter and posted it snail mail to the local office. That did the trick. they fixed the error and they gave me a free months BB.

So first give the helpdesk a ring just incase they can do anything. A tip, ring 151 from your ntl phone and press the right number on the spoken menu. i think it's number 2. if that doesn't fix it write a letter discribing the fault to your local office.

hope this helps


  Phate 07:20 26 Jun 2004


I will phone them as soon as I get a spare moment (hectic schedule) and appreciate the posting.

Will keep this thread updated.


  golfpro 07:30 26 Jun 2004

I sometimes have the same problem, its your BB ISP, when they get overloaded in certain areas and at certain times of the day, they have a problem, particularly if you live in an area where there are lots of offices (people checking their emails in work time etc.)I have complained but it doesn't seem to do any good.

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