Internet Problems After Fresh Install of Windows 7

  Big Trev 15:02 30 Jun 2014

I have installed Windows 7 on a new hard drive after the old one failed. Ran all the updates etc, but am having trouble seeing web pages. Sometimes they load, sometimes only partially and sometimes not at all, prefering to show some text. Same problem on IE 11, Chrome and Firefox. Diagnostics says the PC appears to be configured correctly, but the DNS server isn't responding. I'm skeptical about this as my windows laptop, iMac and various IPhones, iPods and iPads are downloading we pages no problem. They use WiFi, whereas this PC is hard wired into the router. Any ideas?

  Big Trev 04:31 01 Jul 2014

Tried all that Jock1e. No joy. The problem persists.

  Big Trev 04:31 01 Jul 2014

Tried all that Jock1e. No joy. The problem persists.

  Big Trev 04:31 01 Jul 2014

Tried all that Jock1e. No joy. The problem persists.

  Big Trev 13:33 01 Jul 2014

Hi MechKB 2. You are correct, I don't have the disc that came with my motherboard. The best I could do is run a drive updayer utility.

I do have some exclaimation marks in Device manager. The most significant of these is on teredo pseudo interface and I followed procedures to update the drivers in this. This made the excalaimation mark go away, but I noticed it came back.

Other exclaimation marks are on what seem to be generic things like PCI Interface, Mega Byte and Unknown Device. Code 10 errors usually - no driver installed. I disabled these and it made no difference.

I have flushed the DNS server etc, etc.

I also instald a WiFi Dongle to rule out wiring glitches. The signal is booming in, but the internet isn't.

Sometimes pages load, but connectivity is lost shortly thereafter. It also comes and goes, but not to the extent you can download a program or utilty successfully.

  Big Trev 13:43 01 Jul 2014

Another thought . . . my previous version of Windows 7 was a 32bit version, and I understood the PC was 32 bit. However, it bizarre downloaded version, supposedly legit, but a mare to install. So, when I had all the drama mentioned in my last post, I bought an OEM version from an electronics shop and installed that. It would appear to be 64bit. Everything is working splendidly, except the internet. The original motherboard is in place and it's a much tinkered with Gateway G5054b. I don't know whether this is 64 bit or 32 bit.

  Ashrich 14:36 01 Jul 2014

Maybe teaching my grandmother to suck eggs , but check that the network you are connecting to is registered as your "Home" network and not a public one


  Big Trev 16:39 01 Jul 2014

MechKB2, I shall do that when I get home, but, in the meantime, the Acer link you provided doesn't list my model, which is a GT5054b.

  Big Trev 17:54 01 Jul 2014

Jock1e and Asrich - I am connected to my ISP and Home Network, thanks.

MechKB 2 - Thanks for the link. Will Vista drivers be okay? And should i install all the drivers listed, or just specific ones? If the latter, which? (Apologies if I am being obtuse!)

  Big Trev 19:36 01 Jul 2014

Will do.

  Big Trev 02:13 02 Jul 2014

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