Internet problems

  yogibear 12:08 11 Nov 2006

My PC recently crashed, reason unknown, and I have had to restore everything. My internet doesn't seem to be fully functional though. I have 4mb BB from NTL, yet it is now runnung so sluggish it's not true.
In the past it has run slow, but running repair on Network Connections usually sorts it. Since the crash though, I get the following:

The following steps of the repair operation failed
purging and reloading the remote cache name table of NetBT
Sending Name Release packet to WINS and then starting refresh
Please contact your network administrator or ISP

I connect through VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet. Adapter

  birdface 12:13 11 Nov 2006

Have you tried running Broadband Medic, You need to be on IE6 for it to work, Will not work on IE7

  birdface 12:16 11 Nov 2006

Sorry I meant to add, If you also have ntl Phone, You can call them on 150,No charge, See if they can help.

  Legolas 14:59 11 Nov 2006

Have you tried turning off your cable modem and router and disconnecting the cables from the modem leave for a few minutes and reconnect this should flush the cache.

  yogibear 20:22 11 Nov 2006

Believe it or not, I've just got in from work and the sodding thing is working just fine. Incredible.
AS for BB Medic, no I haven't tried it yet. Bit dubious about NTL products as my PC has twice crashed after installing Netguard, which would appear to be a useful product.

Thanks all anyway,much appreciated.

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